YunjiTechnology has independently developed a number of free mobile service robots, and the total operation mileage has reached more than 150,000 kilometers (exceeding 3 times of the equatorial circumference), serving more than 500 hotels worldwide, providing surprising and intimate service experiences for more than 1.5 million people in more than 100 cities of 32 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities and have entered Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Middle East and North America. More and more franchisees and partners are joining us, and the scope of our business will spread all over the world.


operation mileage

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YunjiTechnology has signed strategic cooperation agreements with many well-known hotel groups at home and abroad.Currently, repurchase rate of “RUN” in hotel groups has reached 200%, with six international hotel groups and ten domestic hotel groups choosing to repurchase it. Hotel service robot “RUN” is not “a gimmick”, instead, it saves time and labor, and serves for multiple purposes, creating a new profit growth point for hotels. “Customers have gotten used to ‘RUN’, and it has become indispensable in hotels.

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We expect those who have the same dream with Yunji Technology to join us

Servicerobots can work for longer working hours, require for lower salary and get praised more by customers. They have been upgraded from simply “front-line workers” to “reputation helpers” of brands, and even a new “profit breakthrough”. Yunji Technology has a “Robot Waiter System” with a fully closed-loop function of shopping and delivery process, creating a new mode of independent shopping and intelligent service.

High Profit

So, what are you waiting for?

Run the service robot can realize the functions of delivering goods, guiding the way, dispatching express, information publicity, remote call and so on, providing hotel customers with brand new intelligent experiences, improving the users’ scientific perception of the hotels, and thus improving OTA of the hotels as well as achieving good reputation. At the same time, service robots work efficiently and continuously for 24 hours a day, which also improves the efficiency of service inside and outside the hotels and frees the staff from simple, repetitive and time-consuming work, and thus has been well accepted by hotel managers and staff unanimously.

High Reputation

We expect those who have the same dream with Yunji Technology to join us

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